Related Introspection - Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7

I'm trying to remember the last time a rap song came across my path, that dug deep.

This did. This song reminds me so much of where I was in 1992 (It's in the hands of Allah!...or whatever his name is....). The same frustrations, the same anger, the same defiance, and the same non-response.

If anyone has the desire to see what the onset of religious skepticism feels like watch this. 'ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7' is raw, unapologetic, and not for anyone not ready to openly confront their faith and challenge the validity of it.

"Show yourself and then boom it's done Every rumor’s gone, I no longer doubt this shit, you’re the One"

Been there, done that - the full lyrics can be found here.

Also, an interesting article about where Marcus (HOPSIN) was two years ago, and, some wonderful comments from Christians, because he now questions and doubts.

Whether or not he eventually abandons a belief in god altogether, is a mystery - our individual desires for truth, validity of history, appreciation of sciences and related discoveries dictates the ongoing path from belief, to non-belief.  At least he has the honest courage to fearlessly challenge the nonsense we were all taught.

The search for truth must be an endless ambition; if there is any lesson we as a species should know by now, it is - what we know today, could easily be wrong tomorrow.  Science, unlike religion, invites fearless challenges.