The Angry Atheist.(Perception)

Because no other US demographic group demonstrates anger...........
10 worst examples of Christian or far-right terrorism:
The link is not a claim that Christians are angrier than non-believers, because, that's an idiotic straw man, which perpetuates an unfounded prejudice. All human groups are capable of extremism, when we become fundamental, and intolerant of others.  Fundamentalism and intolerance begins with unfounded prejudices, and does not attempt to realistically consider the points of view of others.
We are all human, a part of the primate family (evolution is a fact, like gravity), and anger is an emotion existent in most primates - including us.  But anger for most humans, is a fleeting, and to state one group of individuals are angrier, based on nothing other than 'they disagree with us', or they are different, is a foundation for bigotry and prejudices, and that nonsense does not contribute to the meaningful exchange of ideas. Cooperative societies thrive on the exchange of ideas.
I know there are some in atheist camps who claim, believers are dumb, silly, brain-washed, etc and all of those labels are bullshit, identical to the label of atheists/nonbelievers angry.
This culture has a knack of demonizing those who disagree with whatever cliques we assign ourselves to, and the intent of ad hominem attacks, is to provoke a response to justify one's already established prejudice, and I'm certain my responses will be interpreted as anger, rather than being evaluated for what it actually is.
Frustration and disappointment.
This non-believer is not angry; I'm not angry because of the perception of me possibly being angry, or that believers outnumber me by 99:1 in most of my particular circles, or that there is a severe lack of critical thinking in our culture.  These are things beyond my control and I know, and accept the basis of my circumstances, and though not exactly nirvana - are still pretty outstanding from my perspective.
When I look at my incredible journey, I feel tremendous appreciation and happiness, because in spite of the incredible odds - I have a great life, a fantastic wife, two amazing young adults for children, an incredible mother, friends who go waaaaaaay back, and yet, (and I'm certain all of you are thinking....god), I don't believe in what you believe.

I am also not mad at the god most of you contend is true.
The reason why I don't believe is not because (your) god has ever done me wrong, but when I see some of the words, chapters and stories in the bible, I see a book completely illogical with world we know:

  • It is wrong scientifically
  • It is wrong morally
  • It tells humans - we are less than....

Every day, I am amazed by my fellow humans; my enthusiasm, confidence and faith in humanity is lifted by the incredible, wonderful, selfless actions by most of my fellow homo-sapiens.

I am damn proud to be human, and I will not  allow my self confidence, or my confidence in my species, or the beauty of this life, to be denigrated by a series of books written by ignorant authors, decided on by ambitious men desiring to rob all humanity of our beautiful intellect, genuine good will, and innate natural compassion, while they accumulate wealth, and domination of societies in the process.

The entire Christian faith is based on the concept - we are all sinners.  This is the most ludicrous, idiotic, demeaning mind-fuck delusion, any institution has done to this species, as a whole, and it cannot be the design of a true creator, remotely compassionate.  If I'm conceivably angry at anything - it is this mental slavery proposal invented by a manipulative and wicked institution, that needs to create broken souls, and unworthy humans in order to create the perception, that only through their 'salvation solution' do we elevate ourselves to what is clearly and evidently the normal human state: natural human empathy & compassion.

Human beings, regardless of if they believe in god or not, are naturally compassionate and self governing.  The bible mandates many atrocious and sick acts, how come no contemporary Christian follows, thankfully, Jesus's excellent guide for 'self' discipline?

Book of Matthew:
18:8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.
18:9 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

Our own morality, our self-preserving intellect guides us against the idiotic words from the 'son of god', but then again, no god ever wrote one word in this book, so congratulate yourself for following your natural, or, god given instinct.

This approach for self-governing is far for more reasonable, and human.

We are not fallen angels; we are risen apes - collectively, we are better than how all religious texts defines us.

Are nonbelievers angry? No.

I'm certain if every moment of my life was recorded, and we could compare how I dealt with things as a Christian, compared to being a non-believer, the result would show, I am a less reactionary as a non-believer.  But, that's not a good baseline, because, as stated earlier, I have a great life, and with maturity and realizing the world, or god, or devil, is not out to get me, perpetual anger for me, now,  is simply wasted energy.  But I'm only one data-point.  I know of over 40 non-believers locally, and while I've never been around them in stressful situations, I would be surprised if any demonstrated anger at anything.

The whole angry atheist fallacy, is a knee jerk reaction to non-believers, skeptics, agnostics, and atheists making their presence evident in the United States.  Think about it, I've been out of the Christian faith since around 1990 - how come nobody really knew back then, and why I am speaking out, now? (Later on this point)

Have you ever wondered, how many other agnostics, atheists, deists, skeptics do you possibly know, who might be afraid to speak, because they do not know how you or others of value to them, will react?

We all should feel free to express how we truly see the world.  In my opinion, how I see the world is simply my experiences, and my interpretations,  and it isn't a complete picture, and I readily admit that.  But if I cannot express how I feel without earning the faulty projections of angry, hateful, evil, etc being levied against me, or others like me, is the problem really our ideas, or, something else?  You are free to challenge my ideas, but most importantly, you should be free challenge your own ideas, without needing to denigrate those who may cause you to think differently about how you see and interpret things.  The poison of mental slavery, is objectionable ideas to dogma are not allowed, under any circumstances. I'm certain most of you who believe the bible true, know very well what is says about people like me, or what god will do if you associate with people like me.

Why would anything that is undoubtedly true and good, need fear to halt reasonable objections from being considered?  Only tyrants demand you think a specific way, or associate with specific people.  Is your god a tyrant, or a god of love and truth?

As a flawed human being, and not an insecure deity, I love opposing views, because I do not give a shit about being right, but I would die for what is demonstratively true, if it is worth it. My natural curiosity drives me to look at things from all angles, because being wrong, and getting corrected is not stupidity, it is an education.  Ignorance is getting an education, then rejecting the lessons, without any due diligence.

Do your due diligence, look at all arguments, look at the reasons for the arguments, look at the evidence for the arguments.  If you can suspend dogmatic fear for a second, and openly, and honestly defend your original perspectives, aren't you now a stronger person?

To hopefully change perceptions about us, here are some non-believers, who you may, or may not be aware of:

Atheist from Zachary Kroger on Vimeo.